Monday, April 11, 2011

[Romance] You tricked me/

Hello everyone!
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This is another one of my Darlene [bobobie pixie] photo spams since
My boy is still on his journey home he will hopefully be a Soulvito Lester.

This little story was inspired by the pokemon outfit Darlene was handed down,( since it did not fit my SD girl) from the pokemon swap here on DOA. [This amazing outfit was made by Kaylyn1. ]

BackStory: Darlene and Casper have been seeing each other frequently since their first encounter. It had been a couple of days since their last date and Casper wanted to surprise Darlene at school by bringing her Lunch. Not knowing that Darlene was volunteered to replace one of the girls who had to drop out of the theater production opening that weekend, he found her in a full dress rehearsal playing the part of Bellossom in an original one act play called 'The Real life of a Pokemon'. He finds her in time to see the end of the rehearsal and this little bit takes place after she comes off stage to greet him.


*jumping off the stage and practically running to his side*
Darlene: OMG! *big smiles* What are you doing here?

Casper: *pleased to see her in the outfit, looking her up and down* Is this how you dress for school? *glancing into her eyes* I like your hair. *smiles*

Darlene: *trowing her hands over her head trying to cover her hair* ahh, I don't know what I was thinking, I should of just gone with a wig, but my friend wanted to experiment and I let her. *laughs* Bad idea.

Casper: *confused* So that IS your real hair? *reaching for her hair and twirling it around his finger*

Darlene: *smiling pulling her hair back and twirling it around her own finger* Sort of. Crystal dyed it for me and added extensions. NOw I might as well keep it since my character is blonde, but I can't wait till this is over so I can go back to some less boring hair. *laughs to herself*

Casper: *Smiling reaching for her hands* WEll I think it looks lovely. *pulls her in for a hug* I've missed you.

Darlene: *closing her eyes and hugging him tight* you have? *presses her face into his chest enjoying his cologne* mMm *pulling back* yeah I've been busy with this play, it's my first one... *thinks about it* it's actually kinda fun.

Casper: I'm glad *reaching into his duffle bag pulling out her lunch and his camera*

Darlene: *shaking her head* Uh-uuuhh! No photos!

Darlene: *giggling* Stop it!

Casper: *thinks about it* mmmm No. *smiles*

Darlene: *with a fake annoyed tone* CASSSSSSsss!

Casper: *coping her tone* RAeeeeeee! *laughs*
Your all dressed up and you look stunning, I can't miss this.

-Darlene tries to gather heself into a ball hiding her face-

Casper: I'm not going to stop just because you hide that pretty face of yours, you might as well give in and vouge.

Darlene: *looking up and lauging* Vouge?!

Casper: *takes a picture* Ah! See that was a good one!

Darlene: I bet it wasn't.

Casper: *going back through his photos* No.. yea.. it really was. *shows her*

Darlene: *pushing the camera away, with a half smile* I look like a derp.

Casper: *eyebrow raised* what is that?

Darlene: *rolling her eyes* Why do you want photos of me anyhow?

Casper: So I can see you when Your not around. *smiling*

Darlene: THAT is so cheesy. * flirtatious laughter*

Casper lowers the camera a bit making eye contact with Darlene

Darlene: *taking a long deep look into his eyes* What?

Casper: *snapping a picture without taking his eyes off her* Your beautiful.

Darlene: *blushing* Hey, does your Camera have a timer?... Lets take a picture together.

Casper: *thinking about it* hummm.. ok. *places the camera on a high ledge, sets it and walks over to Darlene*

Darlene: HUrry! It's going to take the pic!

Casper: *taking his time* It will take several pictures

Darlene: It will? *fixing her hair*

Casper: *nods* Humm, I think... *turning to face her* You should give me a kiss.

- Darlene turns bright red-

Casper: *turning his head to the side and pointing to his cheek* Right here.

Darlene: *unable to control her smile* heheheeee OK! *She leans over to give him a kiss on the cheek. He smiles quickly turning his face to catch her lips with his.*

Darlene: *blushing bright red, she pulls back slowly touching her lips gently and with a flirtatious gentle tone says * You tricked me.

Casper: *smiling and winking* you liked it.

Darlene: *laughs, going over to pick up the camera* CAS! You didn't even come out in the picture!

Cas: Guess we'll have to try it again

-School bell ringing-

Darlene: *grumbling, handing the camera to Casper and picking up her lunch* Arghh. I have to go! Thank you for lunch! *does a twirl and starts to skip off*

Casper: *Calling out after her* Don't I get a hug?

Darlene: *halfway turning back giving him a sideways glance* And Risk the chance of you stealing another kiss. *smiling, biting on her index finger, shruging her shoulders a bit she starts to giggle* I'll text you later *waves and skips off*

The End....
For now...

Thanks for reading! <3

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