Thursday, April 21, 2011

My First BoyFriend~ [FL C-Line Rou]

Hey everyone!
Welcome to my box opening! I'm so thankful and excited for my Fairyland Chicline Rou!
He's one of the few guys I had on my wishlist. I honestly didn't think I"d own any boys when I started this hobby but now I'm obsessed with at least two... I was a little skeptical about getting him because of his size, but when I saw him in the market I considered it and I'm glad I did.
He arrived quickly and safley!

Here he is Bradley Roux!

A little backstory on Brad:
Brad and Darlene have been friends for yrs, they've always had a connection a little more than friends but neither of them acknowledged it. When he seemed to be dating this hot girl in school Darlene was really hurt, especially since it seemed he was ignoring her. He ended up missing for a couple of weeks, in that time he was being held captive by a powerful witch and her coven.

Brad is a werelion, prince to his pride, and this witch, Aurora, wanted to keep his as a pet. In order to better control him, she put a spell on him that caused him to become a bit smaller than normal - however this only worked when he is in Human form and didn't take away from his strength so her spell backfired so to say. - [yes i had to make up a reason why he is smaller than Darlene hehe - and this actually worked out]
His captivity caused a mini-war between the Werelions, a few other shifters and the coven. [I will eventually/hopefully post a fullstory you can viewhere ]

Eventually the witch was defeated, but her mini spell did not break leaving brad hexed in a smaller than normal size. He's not happy about this, trying to find someone to undo the charm, however it can only be undone by the witch who cast it, and since she is destroyed it's hopeless.... at least for now. [I am kinda thinking about rebodying Brad- since I have another character for this sculpt in mind - but I'm not sure yet... so.. haha.. I'm obiously having too much fun here. ]

And now.. onto the reason we are here in the first place! Brad is 'back' [AKA: Home]

... Boxes....and of course Darlene. ...

Darlene: This box is so small...

Darlene: Brad? .... Are you in there?

Darlene: Brad! OMG~ Is that you?! ... Your so *looks him up and down** OMG! YOur so naked! *turning bright red*

Brad: *not shy about being exposed*
Darlene: *trying not to stare, and blushing* um...
Brad: Take off your pants.
Darlene: BRAD!? *not sure what to think, she giggles*
Brad: *shrugs* Its cool, I'll just hang loose.
Darlene: *sighing goes off to change*

Brad: I guess this will work for now, *looks at me* human.. make me some clothes. *snaps*
Me: *Stare*

Darlene: BRAD! *goes over to glomp him* Be nice!

Darlene: *squeeking* OMG~ So werid, I can put my arms all around you, and rest my chin on your head... *lauging*

Brad: *not amused*
Darlene: *tries to pick him up* OMG.. your still so heavy..

Brad: *Noticing the ring on Darlenes finger* What is this?

Darlene: *nervous* um.. a ring?

Brad: Well.. who gave it to you?
Darlene: *lying* I bought it, isn't it pretty?
Brad: Don't lie to me Dee Dee, I know you, you don't do .. .pretty jewelry...

Darlene: Yeah.. well maybe I"ve changed....
Brad: *scoffing* I wasn't gone that long. *shaking his head*

Brad: And this? Did you think this was pretty too? It doesn't even suit you.
Darlene: *taken back and in a sad tone* Brad...

Brad: *demanding* Who is he?
Darlene: He's.. Um.. *nervous*... he's...

Darlene: ... My *mumbling* ...Boyfriend....

Brad: *a harsh, derisive laugh* your what? ...

Darlene: *sad tone* .. um yeah..
Brad: Who is he? ... Two weeks and he's buying you all this fancy shit? I mean that looks like a FW$#%!! Engagement ring.
Darlene: What are you saying?
Brad: Maybe he's just trying to get you to bed...
Darlene: *watery eyes* Brad.. *frowns and walks out*

Later in the day after an apology from Brad and allowing Darlene to experiment on his hair...

Darlene: I think it looks cute. *self satisfied*

Darlene: Better than before definitely *noding*

Brad: *grumbling* It's a good thing my hair grows fast...

DArlene: *squeeking* I know! Your the purfect test subject...
Brad: *grim face* WE are not doing this again. *playfully nudging into her and sitting back down between her legs* Cut this long strand here...

Darlene: *smiling* There.... I think I can seriously consider this a career.

Brad: *Reaching for her hand* Please... don't.
Darlene: It'll grow on you *lauging at her bad joke* Get it.. *nudges him* Grow... teehee
Brad: *rolling his eyes and sighing*
Darlene: What's wrong?

Brad: I'm bummed out, about this dude of yours.

Darlene: *sighing* I was bummed out about Trixie... And you ditched me. I waited all day, and then you just disapeared...

Brad: I already told you I was under some spell...

Darlene: Yeah.. but... *looking down and shruging* Look I met Cas, and he's great.. and You'll like him.
Brad: Doubt that.
Darlene: Oh come on... *slinking down to the floor to sit next to him*
Brad: I don't have to, he's taking away my girl...
Darlene: *leaning her head on his shoulder* Well don't think of it like that... We are still like the bestest of friends...

Brad: Yeah... ? Well.. what if I told you I invested my feelings in something more..

Darlene: um... *not sure what to think* .. more? *heart starts to race*

Brad: *stares into her eyes intently, bringing her face closer as if to fish for a kiss*

Darlene: *starts to giggle* Brad.. You so ... Tiny...
Brad: *pushes her away gently and grumbles* very funny.

Darlene: *blushing* I'm sure your not lacking in .. certain areas.. *hides her smile*

Brad: *not amused* Guess you'll never know.

Darlene: *blushing bright red* What makes you think I want to.

Brad: I have a feeling.
*stands up, stretches out and flops back on the ground*

*growls a yawn, lifting himself up against the log*
*Darlene scoots closer to him, deciding to lay her head on his lap*

Darlene: I missed you, and I'm glad that you are safe. ... *moment of silence as she trys to decide if she wants to say this next part* You know I love you, very much friend....

Brad: *playing with her hair* Guess I'll have to be satisfied with that.... for now...


Thats all folks!`
Thanks for reading!


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