Friday, April 22, 2011

Against all odds

[Casper Macedon Blog]
Recently I have had the unfortunate pleasure of being wanted by a wild, insane woman who can not be reasoned with. Although a woman prone to ecstatic frenzy indulged in sex and intoxication sounds like a lifelong party that I personally can appreciate, the other hand that comes with it is deafening. Copious amounts of violence, mutilation, and sacrificing. Dyonne is her name, and she searches for a divine vessel to devour and sacrifice in hopes that her mad God will appear... for centuries they have been trying, these Maenads, to summon forth Dionysus and the only point to this insane ritual is so they can surrender... that is be ravished and killed. How idiotic, these foolish creatures, who were once ordinary, however their blind fate allows them to really embraced the mantra "I think, therefore I am", imagining themselves to be immortal and so they are. How do I defeat the unbeatable?
She took my daughter, Emily, a five year old shifter. She is still new to her abilities but incredibly powerful as she can shift into many different creatures however animals she hasn't had imprinted in her memory are more difficult and can take longer. Dyonne saw her as the perfect vessel being supernatural and pure. Emily was able to get away with the help of my old friend Selie who apparently is not only a Fae, but a Fae Empress to AviIris, an alternate dimension world. Under the stressful circumstances Selie was able to touch her inner magic allowing them to escape, however the use of her power sent a homing signal and was picked up by her guardians who had been looking for her for centuries. Emily went along with her - seeing as how being left behind would put her in imminent danger. I was able to learn all this from la Bruja del pueblo, Walpuria. The witch was able to make contact with the help of Rae's Fairy Godmother. Thankfully she is safe, however she will not be returned until this raving woman has been put to an end. Once she has made up her mind about something, she will stop at nothing until she gets what she wants. The blood she wants to spill is still my own and since Emily is no longer of this world, guess who she's after. I'm so flattered.
I've been lucky enough to escape her minions on several occasions, and Walpuria cast a protection spell on my home but sooner rather than later she will find me.
What shall I do?
Start praying? Because I feel as if God is the only one who can save me... a God. Or maybe an Army of Faries? Seeing as how Selie was able to get away with her power..
I'm kinda stumped on this one.

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