Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jinx is home~ Bobobie Ariel Box opening.

My second doll is home!~ and I couldn't be happier. She is Darlene's Fairy Godmother. I"m so happy she came with a faceup because I think it's quite purfect for her character.
Lets not waste any time! Onto the photostory~ HOpe you like it.

Dee: OHMYGEee! Is that..!!??...*gasp* I thought my parents were the only ones who made me travel by box.

Dee: So... we should probably get her out of here. She's really quiet in there. *gasps again* OMG! What if she's.... passed out?

Dee: *running with the scissors* I got them!
Me: Hey! Don't run with sharp objects in your hands, you can poke your eye out, literally.

Dee: Was that a joke? That was a bad joke, because you can literally poke your eye out as a human too. Ugh! There's no time for this! ARe you going to help or what?
Me: Awe, I think your doing a pretty good job by yourself, I'm taking the pictures after all.
Dee: *grumles*

Dee: *pondering* Hurrm, I don't remember this...

Jinx: *pops up grumbling and mumbling*

Jinx: What's all the screaming about? I can't see! I hope it's nothing scary...
Dee: *gathering herself* um... hi?

Jinx: AHHHHH! OMG! I can't just see... I don't have eyes! ahhhhhhh!

Dee: ... uh.. yeah, thats kinda creepy!
Jinx: Creepy?! *cries*
Dee: Kat?!?! What do I do?
Me: Help her get dressed~! Her eyes are right over---
Dee: Ewww! No! I'm not touching her eyes! ewwww ewww~ Ok fine, I'll do it.

Dee: But first. *hands Jinx some clothes* You look cold.... ahem.. take this.

Dee: Take it.

Dee: Why are you giving me that empty glare? ... Whats wrong?
*Jinx lifts her hand*

Will you put that camera down!?!?

Me: I'll go get the first aid kit. Meanwhile get her dressed. .....

Jinx: *trying to sound miserable* I don't have eyes, I'm missing fingers -
Dee: Finger.
Jinx: * continues to play her sad song* I'm bald, I don't have clothes or shoes-
Dee: Oh stop it. Your beautiful and you know it.
Jinx: Your right *laughing* but I am having a bad day.
Dee: I didn't think fairies could have bad days.
Jinx: Me either, this is my first one ever. IT doesn't feel too bad.
*they both laugh*

Me: What's so funny? Oh! Great you got her dressed! *forgetting about the first aid kit*

Dee: Let me see.
Jinx: I still can't see this wig is ridiculously huge! I do like the color though.

Jinx: I see you! So Kat, Kat right? Think you can do something about this? I mean I finally get my eyes in and I still can't see.

Jinx: Also in case you hadn't noticed, My bewbs are kinda hanging out a bit.. *blushing*

Me: *giggling* Just a bit.

Dee: Forget the clothes and the hair! Remember her finger! Let me see Jinx.

Dee: Are you going to let me see or what?
Jinx: Oh yea, right.

Dee: This breaks my heart, does it hurt?
Jinx: Not really.

Dee: Will you stop with the photos and help her!
Me: Oh alright, I just didn't want to miss a moment, you were being so sweet.

Me: This might burn a little. ...

Me: There, good as new.

Jinx: Great, now.. may you do something about this wig, and outfit please.
Me: Why are you girls so demanding? I have a quick wig fix,

Me: What do you think?
Jinx: *stare* It's black.

Dee: I LIKE IT on you! Makes you look so angry. haha

Jinx: Of course you would.

Dee: I want to have a cool, angry looking fairy godmother! You should go for that look.
Jinx: You mean I'm not cool otherwize?

Dee: Not at all. I mean you were sent here to try to keep me on the "right path"
What if the right path is the wrong path? If your going to be this authority figure you can at least look cool? *cutely adds* Don't you think?

Jinx: *sighs*

Jinx: That's not why I was sent here Darlene..
Dee: Whateves, So, Kat... can make you some pretty boring dresses. Right? Right? Well I'm out of here.

Jinx and me: sigh sigh sigh* Teens~
-later that day-


And noww... I am practically sleep typing so that's all I got.

Hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for looking and reading,


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