Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jinx the fashion muse (photostory)

I was inspired to create a sort of nook for Darlene out of some shelf space. After I was done, I of course had to take pictures and ended up with a sorta photo story.
It was night time and my lighting in here isn't too great, so some of the photos are fuzzed due to unstable hands and bad lighting. =p Ok, I"m just a bad photographer.

(Jinx Bobobie Ariel)
(Darlene, who goes by Dee, Bobobie pixie)

Dee: JInx~! Hey Jinx!
Jinx: *walking in* Darlene, you don't have to yell I have sensitive ears.
Dee: Don't call me that, How many times do I have to tell you to call me Dee.
Jinx: *teasing* At least one more time doll.
Dee: And don't call me doll.
Jinx: *Raises eyebrow* ok Sweetie pie.
Dee: *grumbling* Don't call me that either. Can you help me?
Jinx: Of course love. *Picking up photo frame* ooh? Who is this lovely character?
Dee: *Taking the frame back* Just a new friend I made. Which reminds me can you drop off this letter in the mail tomorrow?
--Jinx helps Darlene move her awkward table of books into her new nook.--

Dee: What do you think? Pretty neat huh?

Jinx: It's... you. but.. you don't have anywhere to sit.
Dee: I'm sitting.

Jinx: What about company?
Dee: I never have company.

Jinx: Oh! hush you! And what am I?
Dee: A Fairy... who's my Godmother. *snorts*

Jinx: Don't be smart with me.
Dee: *sighing* O... K.... but look theres plenty of space to sit. Right off the edge here.. like this

Jinx: Oh my! Darlene!
Dee: who?

Jinx: Deee! Get up here before you fall off.

Dee: This is quite comfy for my back.. you should try it.
Jinx: I don't think so.

Dee: *gasps* ... ok.. I'm slipping.. slipping... *whispers* help...
Jinx: I got ya, *pulls her up*

Dee: Thanks mom.. ha. Can I call you mom? I am still not sure what kind of relationship we are supposed to have.
Jinx: That can work. I am here to help you in anything you need.
Dee: Anything?
Jinx: Well sure, I know we are still getting use to each other, but if there's anything I can do for you don't be too shy to ask.
Dee: Great! Because I spent all day sewing up these outfits for the fashion show at school tomorrow and I need a model~! Lets try them on! I'm sure they will fit you!!

Jinx: * a little worried* I'm not sure I'll make a great model... My hips are quite big and-

Dee: Are you making excuses? Just try them on.

Jinx: I suppose I can do that... *hoping that they won't fit*

Dee: Oh and I have a wig you can wear too, because that hair of yours just won't work.

--moments later--

Jinx: O M G... why did I let you talk me into this.. I hope there's a jacket or something to go over this dress....

Dee: This hair just looks so great on you! And the dress fits like a dream! I'm so good. *self satisfied*
Jinx: I can't be seen in public like this..

Dee: I think this hair color really brings out your eyes.
Jinx: This really doesn't suit me.

Dee: yup, I like you better like this. So the show is tomorrow at five, all you have to do is strut your stuff down the catwalk, looking like the hot mama that you are I'm sure I'll get an A in Home Economics. ha. ha~ No one will even notice that my seams don't match up.
Jinx: Strut? what?

Jinx: I can't do this?! I feel so.. naked.
Dee: Oh come on, it's not that bad... *taking a better look at Jinx*

Dee: Are you really that uncomfortable?
Jinx: Yes.... no? ... I don't know. It's just not something I'd wear.
Dee: You don't have to..

Dee: I just thought you might want to help.
Jinx: I do but... *drops her hands to her sides, looking down at her chest* I suppose it's not that bad.

Dee: I"m glad your coming around, *pondering* I do have another outfit I made. I can always enter that one in the Fashion show.

Dee: So much for the A++ though... the cleavage was going to get me that.
-shrugs- oh well. I personally like the second outfit best.

---moments later---

Darlene: So this is better right?
Jinx: *fold her arms across her chest* I feel less self conscious about 'popping' out, so yes... better. .
Darlene: ahaha! The dress wasn't that bad, maybe if I made it in another color. Something not so dark, you'd like it then, I'm sure... *turns on the radio*
Jinx: AHHH! what is that noise?!
Darlene: Music! Time to get pumped!
Jinx: *holding her hands to her ears* for WHAT?
Darlene: Juliet and the LICKs!
Jinx: The waa?

Darlene: WE are dressed to Rock out and that's exactly what we are going to do, show tonight! Lets go! *head bangs her way out the door*
Jinx: ??? *sighs* oh Darlene, *starts to jam out* The things you make me do. *bounces out the door after DArlene*

Till next time~
Thanks for reading..


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