Monday, March 28, 2011

If you think I need a hug.. your probably right. [PHOTOSTORY]

Hello everyone,
IT's that time again~ Time for a photostory! ^_~
I've been trying to use manual settings on my camera and I still haven't really figured it out. Especially when I'm indoors. So pardon my dark, overexposed, or blury pics. I tried to fix them up a little but I suck at photoediting too.
Thanks for looking and reading!

Darlene Rae - bobobie pixie - Darlene has lived a bit of a tough life being under appreciated and under loved by the very people that should love and appreciate her most, her family. She developed a rough skin, often acting with poor manners and having a rebellious attitude. Under all the tough act she's just a big O marshmallow. You might say that all she needs is a little love and some hugs.
Jinx - Bobobie Ariel - [Jinx is Darlene's fairy godmother who was recently sent to her by her Fairy (Great) Grandfather to help brighten her soul. ]


A little backstory:
Darlene has been feeling beside herself since her best friend Brad starting dating Trixie and she realized that she had stronger feelings for him. She always had this idea in her head that Brad had a crazy crush on her, that she was the one trying not to hurt him by avoiding romantic endeavors and does not want to realize that she's had it backwards this whole time. What makes things worse is that he was her only real friend and what hurts the most is the feeling that she's been dumped as a friend, especially after the bookstore incident where Brad abandoned her to take Trixie home and never returned. Darlene has really been sluking since particularly because he has yet to apologize.
The day she was left waiting at the bookstore, she ran into Becca, the fierce Gothic girl in school who everyone is pretty much afraid of. She didn't dress Goth to be trendy she just is, with her half shaved head, wicked contacts, makeup that looks so dreadfully naturlal for her you'd think she gets out of the shower looking like that, and piercings.. oh the piercings. After chatting with Becca at the bookstore, finding out that she's really not that scary and that they have a few things in common, like Vampire dramas, Becca left her with an invitation to a Cyber Rave for the weekend. Soon after she started working on an outfit to wear.

This clip takes place right before she heads off to the Rave. ...

Darlene: *takes a good look at herself in the mirror and plops down on the bench* I look so ridiculous. *hugs a pillow for comfort* I don't even know what a Rave is.

I'll stick out like a sore thumb....and get jumped for being some sort of poser.

... What do you do at raves anyways? *tries to think of a movie with a rave* I wonder if it's anything like that part on Mrs. Congeniality with the paint and the drums...

That would be fun. ... I wonder why Becca told me to bring a pacifier... *notices her ragdoll and gently laughs* Should I bring my doll too.

... I guess that wouldn't be to weird. Could be weirder.. like.. asking me to bring some small animal to sacrifice. *softly laughing to herself*

... I wish I could remember a time where things were simple....

... and I was truly happy...

*to her doll* LIke you always seem to be ...

how do you do it?...

How is it that you always bring a smile to my face?


Your just a stupid doll... *tears start to run down her face*

Stupid Doll! *trows her across the room.*

A doll can make me happier than you can.... Brad... Bradley... What are you doing why won't you call me?...

*hears a noise down the hall - someone is coming*

Jinx: Dee? *peaks her head into Darlenes room, finding her ragdoll sprawled in the doorway, she picks it up* Dee? Is everything ok?

Darlene: *wiping her tears* What?! ... do you want?

Jinx: Dee! What's wrong? Talk to me. How am I supposed to help you when you won't even open up to me?

Darlene: You can't help me.

Jinx: I can listen.

Darlene: That won't help.

Jinx: *moving in to give her a hug* Come here doll.

Darlene: *slaping her hands away* Don't call me that! I don't know why you were sent here, but hugs isnt going to fix anything.

*Jinx gets comfortable on the floor, patting at her lap, suggesting Darlene should come lay next to her*

Jinx: Hugs are comforting, and can help heal a torn soul if one is willing to accept them. ... Dee, I wasn't sent here to magically make things better, I"m here to help keep that light inside your heart from going out, but I cant stop you from stepping into the darkness if that is the way you wish to go. ... I can't help you if you don't want me to.

*tears start to roll down Darlenes eyes again as she gives in and buries her face into Darlenes chest*

Jinx: *rubbing Darlenes' back* There there.... Tell me whats wrong...

Darlene: ... and so now I'm going to this Rave.

Jinx: In spite of him?

Darlene: No! But this is how it turned out. I mean what else am I going to do, just sit in here and mope all day and all night. He was my only friend, we were always together and now... now... I need to make a new friend. Beccas not so bad.

Jinx: *playing with Darlenes felt falls* well at least your looking on the bright side. Trying to find the good in her---

Darlene: Shes not bad... just..

Jinx: *suddenly getting a chill up her spine* I have a bad feeling about this.

Darlene: She's not bad!! Just...different. Your not trying to talk me out of going are you?

Jinx: Well no, but...

Darlene: It's not like she's some dark fairy, evil sorceress, demon, vampire type girl. *laughing*

Jinx: *in all seriousness* I have been fooled before...


Jinx: Just be careful. Don't do anything tooo stupid.

Darlene: But isn't that what teenagers are supposed to do?

*phone ringing*

Darlene: *standing up* She's outside... *hands the ragdoll to Jinx and starts to walk out but stops to look back at Jinx still sitting on the floor* Thanks.... For listening. *walks out*

The end... to be continued... maybe. hha.
I dont know that I'm too good at the photostory thing, but it sure is fun. XD
I wish I could think of the story while I'm taking the photos, but it mostly comes to me after I've done some pictures.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. You've got me hooked, I want to know what happens next. How will this bad fairy angle play out? Will Darlene learn how to open up to people and figure out who is worthy of her trust?