Friday, March 11, 2011

Darlene Rae Box opening (Bobobie Pixie)

(Arrived 3/4/2011 - I'm just now posting this on my blog - copy past from my thread on DOA)

My first BJD arrival day is here and I couldn't be more thrilled.
Funny thing is that she was not supposed be my first doll. I've had a DZ Aurora on Layway since Nov'10, and I was saving up to pay her off early, but I ended up impulse buying two Bobobies! (off the market) My DZ will be here by May regardless, for now I am just soooo thrilled for the bobobies.

The first one has arrived, I don't know when she was made but I am at least the third owner of this doll. I don't know that I could ever part with her, I love her so much already!
She didn't come with a faceup, and I haven't had the chance to experiment, plus I'm way super nervous! (She has some residue from previous previous owner.)
*too excited to think about what else to write now*
Note: sorry for the bad photos.. my lighting and colors are off, I switched setting alot, but I was too excited to work on getting a good set. I hope you don't mind the random photostory, it just came to me as I was posting the pictures.

Introducing Darlene Rae!

Box by catzilerella, on Flickr

Dee: * mumbles *
Me: Whats that? I can't understand what your saying with that plastic over your head?

*grumbles and mumbles* by catzilerella, on Flickr

Me: Why would you travel like that anyways? That can't be very safe.

*breathes* Ahh! Much better by catzilerella, on Flickr

Dee: My parents are monsters! YOu see what I have to go through to save them a couple of dollars.

Dee: Its so inhumane!!
Me: Good think your just a doll then.
Dee: You say it like I'm so insignificant. I have feelings too you know.

Me: *hugs* Of course you do, you won't ever have to travel like that again!
Dee: That's what they all say, and weeks later I'm sitting on a shelf collecting dust.
Me: That won't happen here, because I love you, and when my daughter is old enough I'm sure she'll love you just as much! Isn't that something to look forward to?!

Dee: Your right! I think I will love it here! So... What do I have to wear?
Me: I dont know I think I kinda like the bubble wrap look on you, it's very... Lady Gaga!

Dee: *stare*
Me: *giggling* Lets seee..... What about this?

by catzilerella, on Flickr

Dee: I can work with this... but what about some pants? A skirt? I can't be half nakie!!!

by catzilerella, on Flickr

Dee: What do you mean you don't have anything else!?

by catzilerella, on Flickr

Dee: Can't you make me something?

Dee: Not till next week!!!?

Dee: But look at me! I am in need!

Dee: Pleaseee?
Me: Oh how could I say no, Of course! I'll get started right now!

Dee: Oh and can I get a new wig? This one is kinda big. I'm not really a fan of just black hair.
Me: oh your not?
Dee: Nope.
Me: How can you be so sure? I write your character...
Dee: That's what you think *mysterious*

--Moments later--

Me: What ya think?
Dee: I love it! Can I get a pink one now?
Me: What about clothes?
Dee: Oh your right... ok..Clothes first.

by catzilerella, on Flickr

--After some time--

by catzilerella, on Flickr

Dee: I love this!
Me: Your welcome.
Dee: Oh right... Thanks.

by catzilerella, on Flickr

*takes camera*
Dee: Tee-hee! I look so cute!

by catzilerella, on Flickr

Dee: I could use some eyebrows, and maybe a lil color in my face.
Me: * exhausted* Next time. I still have to go post these online for everyone else to see!
Dee: Oh Right! Well get a good picture then!

Dee: Waiiiit! I wasn't ready!! urrgh!

by catzilerella, on Flickr

Me: That was a good one!
Dee: Yeah? Lets do some shots with the mirror! Those are always fun!
Me: How would you know that?!
Dee: Because you wrote me to life.

by catzilerella, on Flickr

Me: Oooh! That is one good pic!
Dee: But the colors are funky! *grumbles* You suck .
ME: Excuse me lil lady! Watch the language!
Dee: Ok... one more.... Please.

by catzilerella, on Flickr

Me: Ok, that's it.
Dee: I guess. Think people will like me?
Me: Of course they will.

Till next time! ~
Thanks for reading!


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