Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creepy Old Bat [Bobobie PIxie]

I was organizing and rearranging some things and my Batman figurine ended up right next to Darlene, he was holding a cellphone and it looked like he was asking for her number so I got this silly idea. Enjoy~


Darlene: BATMAN! Hurm... Your alot shorter than I imagined.

Batman: So, do you have a Boyfriend?

Darlene: Uh... ...and alot creepier than I imagined.

Batman: So listen, Can I have your number?

Darlene: but.. Your SO OLD.

Batman: CAn I have it? Can i?

Darlene: uh... Oooookaaay. I'm going now.

Batman: Noooouuuu!!



Darlene: DON'T EVER! Grab me!

You Creepy old little man, ugh!

*sobbing sounds from Batman*

Darlene: Omg, are you... Crying?

Batman: *sniffles* I just wanted to get to know you.

Darlene: Well, ... maybe if you weren't so creepy about it.

Batman: I guess I'm not very good at socializing...

Darlene: It's ok.

Batman: Can I get a hug?

Darlene: um... ok?


Darlene: You... little... CREEEp!

Darlene: Say sorry~
Batman: this is soo hawt


You creepy lil old man!

What is your problem? I mean... . Your way too old for me, MR. Wayne. But...*enters her number in the Batphone as : For Terry MCGinnis.*

.. if you see Terry McGinnis you can give him my number.
*tee hee*


Thanks fro reading.

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  1. Her mustache shirt is pretty funny. Especially when she hugs Batman - it looks like he just grew a ginormous mustache :D