Monday, March 21, 2011

Ariel is not a princess

[Darlene needs to write a monologue for her Creative Writing class. Her theme is Disney and she is having some writers block, so she pulls some outfits from the closet and asks Jinx to model them for her while she let her mind be inspired by her photography]

Darlene: Please? Your so Disney.

Jinx: Disney? What does that mean?

Darlene: Your always up and cheery.

Jinx: *yawns* Ok, but I"m actually kinda sleepy right now. It's so late. Or should I say Early, its 5am~ Do you have to do this right now?

Darlene: YEs.. it's due at eight, The sun is almost up, so we can get some light outdoors.

Jinx: It's going to be cloudy today. Why do you always wait till the last min?

Darlene: *shrugs* You don't have to, I just won't do it.

[Darlene is very careless with her school work, and since she finds high school unmodivating and mostly a bore, she is always scrambling at the last min to get her work done. She is a straight A student though she barley tries to get good grades. Most of the curriculum comes as common sense to her. Jinx knowing that Darlene just wants to drop out of school won't let something like her being sleepy keep her from offering her help.]

Jinx: *grumbles* OK OK! Let me get dressed.

Darlene: *handing her a couple of outfits* HEre~! Try these on.

[moments later ]

Do I look like a princess? OUt of the water, exploring my legs,

Laying around waiting for my true love

Is he coming? Is he real?....

Will he accept my new form?...

What if he does not recognize me?

Will he know who I am?

I long to see him...

To be held...

And kissed...

Oh... to be kissed...

Where is he?

I've been waiting so long. I don't think he is coming...

We will never walk together or dance....

There will always be this emptiness inside me. ..

I can not have my prince...

For... I am not a princess...

Jinx: That sounds so sad. I thought Disney was Cheery.

Darlene: IT is, but you look so sad there in the end.

Jinx: I did not...

Darlene: Yes You did, to me you always have this sad twinkle in your eye. IT's your eyes. This is the story they told me.

Jinx: My eyes are sad? *sniffles* Now I'm depressed. Thanks.

Darlene: Heh. Those last couple of pictures is what inspired this whole thing! I love it.
I think this is an A++ Don't you?

Jinx: Um.... *scratches head*

Darlene: Or maybe I'm just tiered. I've been up all night.

Jinx: I think it's great. Now get in the shower, get dressed, before your late for classs.... Again.

[The end - for now]


Since Darlene was the one taking the photos in this set (^_~)
Here's a photo of DArlene:

So you know what she looks like. xD ^^

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