Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creepy Old Bat [Bobobie PIxie]

I was organizing and rearranging some things and my Batman figurine ended up right next to Darlene, he was holding a cellphone and it looked like he was asking for her number so I got this silly idea. Enjoy~


Darlene: BATMAN! Hurm... Your alot shorter than I imagined.

Batman: So, do you have a Boyfriend?

Darlene: Uh... ...and alot creepier than I imagined.

Batman: So listen, Can I have your number?

Darlene: but.. Your SO OLD.

Batman: CAn I have it? Can i?

Darlene: uh... Oooookaaay. I'm going now.

Batman: Noooouuuu!!



Darlene: DON'T EVER! Grab me!

You Creepy old little man, ugh!

*sobbing sounds from Batman*

Darlene: Omg, are you... Crying?

Batman: *sniffles* I just wanted to get to know you.

Darlene: Well, ... maybe if you weren't so creepy about it.

Batman: I guess I'm not very good at socializing...

Darlene: It's ok.

Batman: Can I get a hug?

Darlene: um... ok?


Darlene: You... little... CREEEp!

Darlene: Say sorry~
Batman: this is soo hawt


You creepy lil old man!

What is your problem? I mean... . Your way too old for me, MR. Wayne. But...*enters her number in the Batphone as : For Terry MCGinnis.*

.. if you see Terry McGinnis you can give him my number.
*tee hee*


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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I don't think little big girls should... [photostory]

More photostory fun. This is a continuation from here
This isn't much of a photostory, but I was inspired to continue, and this is what I have. Oh if only I had all my cast! *dying*

Darlene Rae - Bobobie PIxie
Casper - He hasn't been bodied (Hopefully he will be a soulvito Lester)
Becca - She hasn't been bodied (Not sure what doll will work for her yet)


Becca and Darlene arrive at Beccas house.

Darlene: The rave is at your house?

Becca: *laughing* yes, the rave is at my house.

Darlene: *Confused* Am I missing something?

Becca: *taking a long look at Darlene before getting out of the car* You need to loosen up.

Darlene: huh?

Becca: You look so uncomfortable and tense. *tosses her some goggles*

Darlene: What's this?

Becca: *laughing* Goggles. We are going to walk the rest of the way.

Darlene: oh?

Becca: Yeah, it's in an abandoned warehouse about 2 miles up the road. *pointing to a dark narrow passage way* We will take the trail. You can get ahead if you'd like, I need to get my belt.

Darlene IS feeling uncomfortable, shes not sure what to make of this night, or what to think about Becca, she's feeling very intimidated and out of place. Trying to shrug it off she start to walk towards the trail. 'I really need to be enjoying this time' she thinks to herself. The trail was not very welcoming with vines slapping at her as she walked through the narrow entry and trees that curved inward making the passage way appear even darker than what it really was. She swatted bugs out of her hair, and caught herself before she squealed out loud. Once she hit the main part of the trail there was room to breath. She stands there for a minuet looking up at the moon and wondering if she should keep going or wait for Becca. Seeing as how she didn't really know where she was going she decided to wait. Suddenly she hears someone coming from behind her, her heart starts to race.. 'is it Becca? it better be Becca'. She thinks turning slowly.

*click click*

To her surprise she finds herself looking at an attractive young man.

Darlene: um.. did you just take my picture?

Casper: I did. It was a good one too. *click click*

Darlene: *not sure what to make of it* Stop it!

Casper: But you look so cute. *click*

Darlene: Not really...

Casper: What are you doing out here all alone?

Darlene: Waiting...

Casper: For?

Darlene: None of your business.

Casper: *smirking* I see.. well.. *starts to walk circles around her*

Darlene: What are you doing?

Casper: You see, I'm like this big bad wolf *licks his lips* and I'm closing in on my meal. *deviously glares at Darlene while circling closer*

Darlene: *a little scared and confused* what?!

Casper: *almost singing* I don't think... little big girls should... be walking in these scary ol' woods alone. *starts howling and as Darlene tries to run away he trows his arms around her holding her from behind*

Darlene: *screaming* Let go of me you creeep! AHHHHHHHH!

Casper: *laughing* ok ok... *laughing harder* but only if you stop screaming *starts to loosen his grip* and only if you promise not to run away *he places his chin on her shoulders and takes a deep breath* You smell so good.

Darlene: Stop being so damn creepy! *shivers from his breath on her neck but also feels good*

Casper: I'm Beccas Neighbor, *lets go of Darlene* she told me you were out here, and said I should give you a little scare to loosen you up. I thought the lyrics from The Pharaohs would give the scare away *starts singing* -

Darlene *stare*

Casper: You know, Sam the Sham? Before your time huh? *sweatdrop* not into the oldies...

Darlene: *stares a bit more then starts to walk up the trail*

Casper: *finding that he's a little nervous* um.. *follows* Do you even know where your going?

Darlene: Yeah.. That way.

Casper: Come on, can we start over...

Darlene: *looking him up and down and trying to hide a smile* Maybe.

Casper: My names Casper.

Darlene: *thinking it over* UH HUH...

She starts to walk further down the trail which has started to become less of a forest like trail as it starts to run behind what appear to be abandoned buildings - at least abandoned for the night.

Casper: What?

Darlene: *looking back at him* YOur name is Casper??

Casper: Yes. *Darlene starts to laugh* Yeah.. I get that alot.

Darlene: Your serious? That's your name *laughing even harder*

Casper: *Stare* Yes.

Darlene: Casper the friendly ghost ~ BAhahahah !

Casper: *lifts an eyebrow* I can go back to being a wolf if you'd like.

Darlene: *Blushing, her laugh down to a sweet giggle* Only if your a friendly wolf.

Casper: I can do that.

*moment of silence as they both stare into each others eyes*

Casper: *clearing throat* Ahermm... so .. What are you doing hanging out with Becca?

Darlene: What does that mean?

Casper: Your not her type of friend that's all.

Darlene: What does THAT mean!?

Casper: *nervous* well. um.. Your a lot ... prettier. *Darlene smiles* .. er.. I mean. Clean... *clears throat* I mean.. Your... sweet, *smiling to himself* even though your dressed.. in that ridiculous getup.

Darlene: *smile fading* I look ridiculous?

Casper: No! I mean.. not in a bad way. You look cute. YOu do. I just know that's not your usual style, *flips her hair* especially not these falls.

Darlene: *feeling relaxed she lays back* I made them myself you know.

Casper: *sitting next to her* I do now...

...You have beautiful eyes.

Darlene: yeah? They are not my natural eyes.

Casper: Doesn't matter. It's the shape that makes your eyes so stunning.

Darlene: *blush and smiles* Thanks.

If it weren't for Becca walking up that very moment, Darlene might of been forever lost in Caspers charm with a growing desire for that first kiss...

Becca: Got some thizz~ *To Darlene* You want?

Darlene: Want what?

Becca unzips the zipper that is supposed to be decorative on her belt and pulls out a little pill.

Becca: Some feel good?

Casper: *motioning for Becca to put it away* She doesn't want that.

Darlene: I think I'm capable of making my own decisions.

um.. What is it?

....oh.. for three days?

... I hate feeling nauseous. If I have to feel nauseous before I feel good, forget it.. I'll just be lame and dance...sober.

Becca: *shrugs* suit yourself. I don't do the stuff myself, but I do sell it, and it's our ticket in. I just wanted to offer you a lift up since you know you were so down about your boy.

Darlene: *feeling anxious about the fact that she noticed her feelings for Brad, then giving a long sigh* Thanks. But.. no. Thanks.

Casper: *half joking* I can be your lift up.

Darlene: *tries to hide a smile.* Maybe.

[To be continued?]

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